Another step in the electrification course of Stellantis consists in the conversion, by 2026, of a factory headquartered in Hungary, in Szentgotthard, to a plant intended for the production of electric modules. The Group will then rely on a new site dedicated to EDM production, which joins the plants in Tremery-Metz, France, and Kokomo, Indiana, USA.

Moreover, in 2024 Mirafiori district, in Italy, will increase the manufacturing of state-of-the-art electrified double-clutch transmissions (eDCT) for Stellantis hybrid and hybrid plug-in vehicles.  «Starting the production of electric drive modules in Szentgotthard speeds up our transition towards electrification. It is an intervention that further approaches us to the target of providing customers with green, safe, and economically affordable mobility», affirms Arnaud Deboeuf, Chief Manufacturing Officer of Stellantis. «The employees of the factory can be proud as their work will be an integral part of our electrified future, a fundamental factor in the offer of electric vehicles by our iconic brands, sector leaders, and increasingly customer-oriented».

The EDM manufactured in Szentgotthard will be used in the vehicles assembled on a new STLA platform dedicated to BEV. The EDM manufacturing will take place in the structures already existing in the factory. The new production activities of electric drive modules by the plant will include the machining of key components, as well as the final assembly and the testing of EDM 3 in 1, the solution that combines in a single unit the electric motor, the reduction group, and the inverter.
In the next 10 years, Stellantis is planning to invest more than 50 billion Euros in electrification, to hit the targets of the strategic Dare Forward 2030 plan.