The Brushless Purepower motor, equipping various Einhell devices for DIY and gardening activities, offers high performances due to the technology based on the principle of brushless motors, eliminating mechanical wear and the demand for additional power by the battery. This characteristic assures longer service life of the battery and more overall efficiency, decreasing maintenance interventions, and it allows for saving some charge cycles, eliminating the costs of new purchases and the use of natural precious resources. The Brushless PurePOWER motor controls the power through a microprocessor that calculates the optimal energy consumption of the motor.
«The absence of brushes permits a low weight and a more compact design and, assuring minor weight, there is also more handiness. A cordless screwdriver with a Brushless PurePOWER motor, for instance, is much lighter and more ergonomic than the equivalent with a brush motor», Einhell stated.