Siemens AG has accomplished the takeover of the Dutch Heliox, which offers fast DC charge solutions, at the service of fleets and passenger eBus and eTruck vehicles. The takeover integrates the current eMobility charge range by Siemens, adding products and solutions that go from 40 kilowatts (kW) to megawatt charge solutions for deposits and charges along the journey. Furthermore, the range of Heliox extends the scope of Siemens market, mainly in Europe and North America, meanwhile improving the capacities in power electronics. The solutions of scalable and parallel mobile charges by Heliox will allow Siemens to supply these markets better.
“We are witnessing unparalleled growth in the EV charging infrastructure market. DC fast charging solutions for eBus and eTruck fleets are considered the fastest growing segment here. With the acquisition of Heliox, Siemens eMobility is well-positioned to serve our customers worldwide”, said Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Smart Infrastructure and member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG.