Power electronics systems of electric and hybrid vehicles will reduce power losses and will improve efficiency, with the consequent great impact on electric vehicles’ autonomy and recharge. The following step? Decrease of batteries’ cost, increase in mileages per recharge and less time of recharge and cost for users.
In their new strategic synergy, Renault Groups– which intend to reach 100% of vehicles by 2030 – and STMicroelectronics will collaborate in the development of efficient, customized and modular components, starting from the understanding of Renault Group’s technical requirements concerning silicon carbide (SiC) devices, gallium nitride (GaN) transistors, with relative packages and modules.
«We are pleased – stated Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group – to collaborate with the market leader STMicroelectronics to integrate its advanced power electronics and to develop jointly technologies that can improve the energy capacity of our electric and hybrid vehicles’ batteries and their performance, both on the road and in recharge phase. This partnership assures the future provisioning of key components that will share in the significant 45% reduction of energy losses and in decreasing the cost of the electric powertrain by 30%. This technological collaboration will support us in implementing our ambitious target of democratizing electric vehicles making them, at the same time, affordable and profitable».
The witness of STMicroelectronics, in the person of its President and General Director, Jean-Marc Chéry, is as enthusiastic: «ST is in the forefront in the development of advanced power semiconductors that allow the mobility industry to shift to electrified platforms. Thanks to more energy-efficient products and solutions, based on forefront materials such as the silicon carbide and gallium nitride, we will support Renault strategy dedicated to the next generation of electric and hybrid platforms».