For routes in Nedre Glomma region, the major public transport player in Norway, Nobina Fleet Norge AS, has ordered 64 BYD eBuses with state-of-the-art technology of BYD iron-phosphate batteries, developed to increase safety, improve performances and extend the drive autonomy. This important job order – which includes 40 units of BYD low-floor eBuses of 12 metres and 24 featuring 15 metres – is very significant, a neat step forward whose concretization will take place in the second 2023-quarter and which raises the performance bar in bus ambit, too.
A technical gem? The Thermal Management System of BYD batteries, able to improve the reliability under extreme climatic conditions, makes BYD eBuses an optimal solution in Norway.
However, it is not a novelty: Nobina has over 300 full-electric BYD buses in operation in its fleets, or under job order fulfilment, which operate in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Currently, over 650 BYD eBuses are in operation, or are getting operational, in Nordic Countries; until now, they have travelled 55 million kilometres overall, decreasing CO2 emissions by over 59,000 tons.