To innovate in the electrical engineering world, we also need young thinking minds, fresh from studies and full of enthusiasm. Concerning this, good news come from Milan Polytechnics, where 15 scholarships worth 24,000 Euros are available for young female students.
In addition to the University, 9 companies have joined the project “Girls@Polimi-Scholarships for future female engineers” that provides for 15 scholarships, worth 24,000 Euros each (8,000 yearly) to overcome the gender gap in STEM disciplines, addressing girls who will attend courses with low female presence: aerospace, automation, electric, electronic, information, mechanical and industrial production engineering.
The Girls@Polimi initiative addresses those female students who are still attending the fourth and fifth year of higher schools and are still thinking about their orientation; therefore, an opportunity for the aspiring female engineers, who have time until July 20th 2022 for the submission of the demand for the 2022-2023 academic year.