The signs of factories’ massive conversion towards the electrification of motors are more and more numerous. One of them comes from the factory of the Powertrain division of Continental Group, the company Vitesco Technologies, which since the Sixties has been top player in the production of components for combustion engines, especially petrol injectors. About two years ago, the company announced its strategy change, that is to say the decision of giving up the internal combustion engine business to focus completely on electric cars’ components.
This choice has implied a specific training programme for workers, such as “Automotive Electronics and Powertrain Electrification” that involved 100 engineers and technicians in the sites at Vitesco di San Piero and Fauglia. It is a transition process that is exploiting the close University of Pisa, due to the need of updating employees’ professional competences.
«With its ‘Direction 2030’ strategy, Vitesco Technologies has set itself the goal of being a technological pioneer in clean, electrified and sustainable drives. This consistent and, above all, very early focus on electrification has the advantage for our employees that they can prepare and train themselves with tailored offers and a clear focus. We see – explains Ingo Holstein, CHRO of Vitesco Technologies – continuous learning as a central prerequisite for successful transformation. And that is more important today than ever before».
Besides, not only partnership with the University, the collaboration of the former Continental company sees also local SME to play a protagonist role, due to Invest in Tuscany that aims at creating a widespread net of collaborations on the territory.