In the boating world, two excellences have shaken their hands to bring the “electric Corvette” to the seas. It is the historical shipyard Giorgio Mussini and E4Boat, which has supplied the electric motors to make the iconic boat of Portofino, the Corvette, in the zero-emission version. E4Boat is a business network consisting of innovative companies, such as Terzago Robotics Srl, which shines in the advanced robotics sector, 4E Consulting Srl that operates in the field of electrified and hybrid propulsion and Selene Shipyards Srl that stands out in shipbuilding.
The idea of the electric Corvette was born two years ago by Mussini’s. Emanuela Bertullo, marketing manager, has explained us: «We had conceived the idea long time ago, but we needed a partner for the electric motor and it was not easy to find the right solution. The matter of the motor, for a boat like the ones we produce, is fundamental because performances are important and the shift from an endothermic to an electric motor is not trivial».
Protagonist of the operation is Corvette 24: elegant and refined, it is an 8-metre luxury day cruiser that combines comfort with speed, manoeuvrability with seakeeping. The electric permanent-magnet motor features 30 kW minimum power, with static power converter and battery modules for overall 65 kWh (autonomy of 4h with 16 kW of absorption). The overall weight is 550 kg and will be housed in the existing compartments of Corvette 24, one for each side of the hull and one in the housing of the current endothermic motor.