On the occasion of the recent EV 2021 Day event, Stellantis has announced that in Termoli (Molise, Italy), it will be built the third gigafactory in Europe, after those in France and in Germany. It is at stake the conversion of FCA production plant in Molise, established in 1972 and specialized in the production of motors and transmissions. The mission of the factory, which employs 2500 workers and takes up an area of 1.2 million square metres, will be producing batteries.
The young Group’s investment will amount to over 30 billion Euros by 2025 in electrification and software. «The target of Stellantis – stated the CEO Carlos Tavares – is that electrified vehicles succeed in representing over 70% of sales in Europe and more than 40% of those in the United States within 2030. Besides, in the future of Stellantis there are four platforms for electric ones and also sound-state batteries. The requirements of batteries and components for EV by Stellantis will be satisfied by five gigafactories in all and the plant in Termoli represents a consistent choice in the context of the course of Stellantis, which is supporting the energy transition of all of its Italian industrial sites, with the aim of assuring their sustainability through the improvement of their performances and to make the Country play a strategic role among the primary domestic markets of the Group.