Fime is called the motor business unit of Elica Group, operating in the sector of hoods and hobs. Its growth is extremely significant to understand the direction of the electric motor market. In fact, through the preliminary agreement signed between Elica Spa and Electric Motors Company (EMC) and CPS for the purchase of 100% of the share capital of respective companies, Fime has heavily strengthened its presence on the market. EMC and CPS are companies operating on a European scale in the design and production of electric motors, suction systems of household hoods, fans for pellet stoves and medical application motors.
It is an agreement in the development course of Motor business (Fime), through the strengthening of the strategy undertaken with the separation of the Motor division from the Cooking one.
“The takeover of EMC and CPS – explained Luca Barboni, Managing Director of Fime – will generate a significant critical mass that will allow us to have the necessary resources, competences and R&D initiatives to face the European challenges in the matter of energy saving in household appliances and energy transition».