Wallbox, top player in the sector of the charges for electric vehicles and other devices for the energy management, has announced the achievement of two important goals: the sale of over 500,000 battery chargers for electric vehicles and the attainment of 1 million of users on its software platforms worldwide.
The products that have driven this important commercial phase include the company’s whole range of smart battery chargers for electric vehicles (EV), intended for household, semi-public and public uses. Among them, stands out Supernova, the fast DC battery charger that, just in Italy, has scored the sale of around 400 units, sharing in the enhancement of the Country’s public charge infrastructure.
“In six years only, Wallbox has carried out 45 million recharge sessions and managed 681 GWh of energy. These numbers result in 4 billion kilometres travelled by car, equivalent to about 10 return trips to Mars. Considering that we have installed only 3% of the necessary battery chargers to reach the company’s energy transition targets, it is clear that we are just grazing the surface of the potential of electric vehicles’ charge in the energy management”, stated Enric Asunción, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox.