Lovato Electric‘s ADXN soft starters manage the soft start and stop of electric motors, preventing mechanical and electrical problems that can reduce their lifetime.
The range includes devices from 6 to 45 A, only 45 mm-wide and subdivided into 2 structural sizes according to the nominal current.
Ideal for manifold applications such as the control of pumps, fans, compressors, conveyor belts and mixers, they are configurable rapidly and intuitively for a reduced set of parameters, minimizing the commissioning time.
The wide line voltage range, from nominal 208 to 600 VAC, makes them suitable for each market, without needing to manage different codes depending on the present voltage in the plant.
ADXN soft starters are available with two auxiliary power supply voltages: 24 VAC/DC, typical voltage of automation panels, or 100-240 VAC, present for instance in pumps’ control panels.
The base version (ADXNB) is ideal for those needing a starter easily configured, with the only aim of managing acceleration ramp and deceleration ramp, adjustable by means of the 3 potentiometers installed on the front.