The new powertrain by the German DeepDrive, which will be available starting from 2027, will use 50% less of magnetic material and 80% less of iron. The motor manufacturer has explained that there will be a new winding system that can boast a filling factor of slots exceeding 80%.
Moreover, the radial-flux unit will have two rotors, one internal and one external, separated by two air bearings and they will be combined with a two-stage spur gear and an integrated silicon carbide (SiC) inverter with coaxial output shaft. The result is a reduction of overall dimensions. The transmission unit will be perfectly integrated into the wheels or installed like a conventional central transmission.
On the announced powers, DeepDrive will offer a drive torque of 430 Nm and an output power of about 312 HP, with variable transmission ratios that will provide output torque included between 2,700 and 3,.800 Nm.
For the most performing model, the maximum output torque will be 5,400 Nm and the output power of around 475 HP.