The technology that allows cars to store and return energy for the net stabilization is called Vehicle to Grid (V2G). The first experimentation in Italy is in starting phase by Enel X, Nissan and RSE.
The project provides for the use of two bi-directional recharge infrastructures by Enel X, installed in the experimental micro-net by RSE, which through a special control platform allow using Nissan Leaf for the net stabilization.
The project target is testing the functions of V2G according to the habits of private users and of those who use corporate fleet vehicles. During recharge times, batteries will be used as energy accumulation systems connected to the net, able to assure advantages for the electric system and car owners.
In particular, V2G technology will allow maximising the self-consumption of renewable energy by domestic plants, optimizing the flows of energy produced and consumed locally and granting the continuity of the energy supply in case of interruptions.
The possibility of exploiting batteries for more purposes through Vehicle to Grid on one hand will permit to make use, without additional costs, of a domestic or business accumulation system and, on the other hand, to give an important contribution to the stability and the efficiency of the electric system; an instrument able to further favour the diffusion of electric vehicles in Italy.