Due to the collaboration with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS), Kia offers the drivers of its BEV and PHEV vehicles the access to about 167,000 recharge stations in all Europe.

By signing up for KiaCharge, in fact, it is possible to gain access to the infrastructures of the primary energy providers through a single platform, to facilitate and to speed up the energy supply. Moreover, through the eRoaming, customers can manage recharge costs on the whole European network in a single monthly invoice, without having to stipulate additional contracts with multiple suppliers.

«The availability and the suitability of public recharge points –Emilio Herrera, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors Europe, affirmed – remains a hindrance for many potential buyers of electric vehicles. With the introduction of a complete accessible public recharge service from a single account, we are committed to making the use of an electric vehicle simpler, and then the choice more feasible».

Since October 6th, KiaCharge users will gain access to the DCS net through a single radiofrequency identification card (RFID) or an app at disposal on Play Store or App Store, and therefore they will be allowed browsing the information about prices in real time and choosing the stations that better suit their requirements, too.

KiaCharge plan is available, astride September and October 2020, in Italy, Poland, Spain, Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland; in the United Kingdom they will instead use it since the fourth 2020-quarter.