A high-speed electric motor and integrated power-electronics allow achieving competitive manufacturing costs. This is highlighted by a recent important job order in the electro-mobility field, where Bosch is protagonist with the supply of fuel-cell components to cellcentric, a 50% joint venture between Daimler Truck and Volvo Group. It is a long-term contract for the supply of electric compressors with integrated power electronics to share in making transports sustainable and neutral for climate by 2050. The component will be part of the fuel cell system of cellcentric for heavy commercial vehicles and for stationary applications. The use of a fuel cell propulsion system that exploits hydrogen allows making the vehicle neutral for climate. The electric compressor supplies the necessary quantity of filtered air and it is therefore one of the fundamental components of the system.
«Bosch – explained Uwe Gackstatter, President of the division Bosch Powertrain Solutions – offers the compressor in two power classes: 20 and 30 kW. The 30-kW size is calibrated for voltages from 450 to 850 volt, whereas the 20-kW one is suitable for 250-450-volt or 450-850-volt voltages. The compressor turbine reaches speeds of over 100,000 rpm. The combination of high-speed electric motor with integrated power electronics allows achieving competitive manufacturing costs. Moreover, silicon carbide semiconductors of silicon carbide used in power electronics by Bosch make this component highly efficient, precisely the characteristics cellcentric was looking for».