When Ferrari automotive company speaks of novelty, the world’s spotlights are cast on the Horse logo. This time, Ferrari 296 GTB is at stake, able to match a new V6 twin-turbo 2.9 with 663 HP with 167 HP electric motor with rechargeable battery.
The great novelty resides in the technological setup: a return to six-cylinder V-shaped architecture given up at the end of 1973 and powertrain with plug-in hybrid system that releases 830 HP.
MGU-K 167 HP electric unit is powered by 7.45 kWh battery positioned in the bottom part of the car. An actuator (TMA-Transition Manager Actuator) allows the management of the powertrain that, therefore, permits to use the entire electric-thermal group to achieve the highest power. Concerning instead the zero-emission performance, the travel autonomy is 25 km.
Regarding performances, the announced ones of Ferrari 296 GTB highlight over 330 km/h for the top speed, 2”9 for the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h and 7”3 for acceleration to 200 km/h from standing start. Record specific power: 221 HP/l.