How important is it to find the right magnet for an electric motor, actuator or sensor? As much as it can be a difficult and time-consuming process for automotive suppliers. In addition to supplying magnetic components and assemblies, Goudsmit Magnetics based in Waalre, also offer services that speed up the time-to market for automotive manufacturers. Therefore, a key role is played by the knowledge of magnetic calculations, FEM calculations and 3D simulations that contribute to the development of a magnet or assembly that not only meets all requirements but, even before the prototyping phase, provides certainty about the correct operation.

The quality of magnets is essential to guarantee optimal operation. Magnetic measurements and quality control measurements are an important part of determining the quality of a magnet. These measurements provide automotive suppliers with guarantees and are a standard part of the IATF16949 process. Using FEM simulations, engineers and product developers have a 3D visual of how the product behaves within a magnetic system. For example, in terms of the depth of a magnetic field or magnetic flux density on another ferromagnetic object. This not only validates the overall performance of a component, but also shows its magnetic performance. In this way, it is possible to optimize product performance, resulting in the best possible solution for a specific application. Such simulations accelerate the development and prototyping process because the shape, grade and size of a magnetic component can be quickly determined.