Transfluid, together with Genevos, has been awarded with the prize for the innovative propulsion system of the 2022-year. The awards Electric & Hybrid Marine Europe Expo celebrate the innovative developments of the marine sector and analyse the various technological areas referred to electrification and decarbonization.

Who are the winners

Transfluid is a brand renowned worldwide in the production of hybrid transmission units and electric motors and it offers 2 kW solutions, as well as 250 kW ones, and with the hydrogen-electric combination for hybrid propulsions it provides from 50 kW up to over 1500 kW. Genevos, instead, is specialized in the integration of fuel cells for marine applications. The two players have collaborated to join their competences, in a scalable zero-emission propulsion package.

The innovations

The partnership contributes in the acceleration of the green marine mobility through the supply of a turn-key hydrogen-electric propulsion system based on maritime certified technologies. The offer of a complete system will include the range of hydrogen power supply modules (HPM) recently AiP-certified by Genevos and Transfluid propulsion systems, DNV certified, for marine applications.
The broad range of Transfluid electric products in combination with HPM line that offers 2 kW- 250 kW solutions, in addition to the hydrogen-electric matching for hybrid propulsions from 50 kW up to over 1500 kW allows achieving flexible highly innovative solutions and it permits to satisfy the requirements of the marine market.