Great novelties are incoming for the bus world: an advanced modular platform that can transform any bus from ICE to electric. We are speaking of what announced by the British company Kleanbus. What good news? The removal of the diesel engine and of the hybrid powertrain from an existing bus, replacing it with a fully electric thruster, is the fastest and cheapest method to undertake the bus electrification way. It is the course travelled by the United Kingdom’s bus fleet that now will benefit from the advanced solution by Kleanbus, precisely the modular platform for the bust transformation from diesel to electric.
It is the combination of electric propulsion components tested with Kleanbus integration technology and the proprietary software: an innovative approach that allows exploiting a wide variety of batteries and motors, creating electric thrusters purposely tailor-made for a bus driver’s requirements.
The player has explained that his enhancement programme consists in a complete vehicle assessment, the removal of its diesel engine and of all its ICE associated components, scanning and prototyping of vehicle interiors, design of a customized platform, installation of a new e-drive, manufacturing, complete test process and final certification.
Due to the company’s relationships with recharge suppliers, Kleanbus organizes also the upgrade of an operator’s deposit with a suitable recharge technology, permitting them to shift to electricity without having to contact third parties, actually offering a one-stop shop.