Developed by the French L’Aquaphile, Pedayak Solar is equipped with a double muscular and electric propulsion and offers a notable range due to its 400-watt photovoltaic panels. The motor power corresponds to 300 Watt / 24 Volt and the lithium battery is 15 Ah. This technology has been developed to allow fatigue-free boating to users while exploiting green energy. The possible backward and forward manoeuvring, combined with the precision of the helm controlled by a joystick, assures a smooth boating experience that can be adapted to the different sea conditions. Available in four different models, it reaches a maximum declared speed of 9 km/h and a buoyancy of 429 dm³, it can transport a maximum load of 170 kg. The sit-on-top hull in self-sinking polyethylene and rotationally moulded has a size of 360 x 73 cm and a weight of 55 kg. The sale price starts from 5,580 Euros VAT included.