Paolo Scudieri, ANFIA president

ANFIA president Paolo Scudieri has recently expressed his satisfaction in receiving the news about the green light for the construction of a giga-factory intended for the production of cells and battery modules for the automotive sector.
Behind all that there is the Memorandum of Understanding among the Ministry of the Economic Development, Molise Region, National Agency for Investment Attraction and Business Development (Invitalia) and Automotive Cells Company SE (ACC) for the implementation of the investments proposed by ACC, by Termoli factory (Campobasso), owned by Fca Italy (Stellantis Group).
ACC, established by Stellantis and TotalEnergies/Saft with the support of French, German and European authorities as innovative European player of batteries for electric vehicles. This reality has recently announced an agreement with Mercedes-Benz precisely to design in Italy this third battery factory in Europe after the French one at BillyBerclau/Douvrin and the German one at Kaiserslautern. «The confirmation of this investment represents a very important element for the future of the automotive manufacturing chain in Italy, a fundamental step forward in the electrification transition, which ensures new competences and employment in the electric vehicle’s value chain to our territory. However, the game to play is just at the beginning and there is still a lot to do. We are going to work with the Government to implement in Italy at least a part of the manufacturing chain that is upstream giga factories, where is positioned 60-70% of the added value of batteries’ value chain, whose development would allow compensating the engagement losses deriving from the shift from ICE to electric motors». Scudieri wishes also extraordinary industrial policy instruments to accompany the automotive component enterprises in the reconversion, supporting them in investments and in the labour force reskilling.