It is called eGen Power™ and is designed to fit between the wheels of medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses, replacing the vehicle’s traditional powertrain.
We are speaking of the new series of fully integrated electric axles from Allison Transmission.
eGen Power™ is a bolt-in solution compatible and easily customizable to the current vehicle frame, suspension and wheel ends, and is well suited to most OEM vehicle assembly processes. The eGen Power series features fully integrated electric motors, a multi-speed gearbox, an oil cooler and a pump, providing industry-high performance and efficiency. The system is compatible with full battery electric vehicles (BEV) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) as well as range extending hybrid applications.
eGen Power™ includes fully electric e-Axles of the brand for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles up to 28,660 lbs. GAWR, with a multi-speed gearbox and up to 652 kW of peak power.