To understand the market’s direction, the most truthful litmus test are the manufacturing programmes by the various factories. E BMW clearly shows it, developing and activating in its German Leipzig plant the first coating line of the cells that make up the batteries of BMW Group’s electric cars.
The factory at stake is in constant evolution for the production of components for electric cars and in the future its surface is expected to reach 150,000 square metres, implementing staff to overcome one thousand workers.
The manufacturing capacity of the new coating line amounts to 10 million cells/yearly, that is to say 2,300 cells/or and in 2024 the two existing lines will be joined by a third module assembling line. The production of high-voltage batteries in BMW site in Leipzig is made up by three automated phases: cell coating, production of modules and assembling of batteries.
The next milestone? In Leipzig they will start the production of the new Mini Countryman that in the full electric version will be equipped with “made in Leipzig” batteries.
In the photo battery cell coating at BMW Group Plant Leipzig. Uncoated cells are separated and their positions are checked.