A recent event by siderweb has revealed that steel faces a first 2023-semester of slowdown versus 2022, whereas the second part of the year is expected to end with a positive sign. On the whole, user sectors’ activity is expected to rise by 1% in the current year. More in detail, a slight recession is expected for mechanical machines and tools (-0.4%) and metal products (-0.2%), whereas constructions will increase by 2.5%.
Among the various segments concerned, automotive has been more affected by crisis bites. «In the electrification process of the mean fleet, Italy lacks a suitable offer in the field of flat steel products», declared Gianfranco Tosini from siderweb.
The general director of Anfia, Gianmarco Giorda, instead stated: «A part of new components are increasingly in-house manufactured by producers. Big OEM are for instance producing electric motors, because they deal with the problem of how managing the manpower in excess. That is a further limitation to the activity diversification by companies that today manufacture for instance tanks and exhaust systems that will be no longer produced in the European Union, or at least it will be possible to make them just for export. We are certainly perceiving a lot of proactivity in the components’ chain in looking at other technologies connected with the electric car. In Italy, there are 2,200 automotive component enterprises; 4-500 are involved in the transition to electric. A vast part is looking at other solutions or at other sectors, such as aeronautics and railway».