Dema, industrial automation company, is taking two major steps forward after more than 70 years of business history and exactly 20 years since the testing of its first automatic machine under the current ownership. The company is relocating its headquarters and transforming from a Srl (Private Limited Company) to a Spa (Public Limited Company).
To meet growing production demands and improve logistical operations, Dema has made the strategic decision to move its headquarters to the new facility in Savona. The new production spaces are significantly larger, and the improved logistics allow for a prompt and efficient response to the increasing workflow by optimizing all operations.
Dema also announced its transformation from a Srl to a Spa. This change will provide access to new financing opportunities and attract investors, enabling the company to effectively meet customer needs by developing new technologies and expanding its international activities. This transformation represents a significant milestone in the company’s development journey, allowing a continuously growing team of professionals to strengthen existing collaborations, establish new partnerships, and reaffirm its position as a leader in the automation sector within the electric motor market.
This evolution will not only enhance Dema’s market position but also ensure greater stability and a solid foundation for the future, which is already filled with innovative projects. It confirms that innovation is an integral part of the company’s DNA.