Everrati Automotive Limited, specializing in the integration of powertrains for electric vehicles (EV), has completed the winter tests of its first Land Rover Series ordered in the United States. In the last months, this first IIA Series has undergone a severe validation programme of all components, focusing on the performances and the reliability of the electric powertrain group at the OEM level. Tests have been carried out at high altitudes and under cold climatic conditions and the Everrati team has guaranteed the high-voltage reliability and tested the charge function.

Everrati integrates its electronic powertrain, designed and developed by the headquarters of Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, England. With a 60kWh battery and 150bhp and 300 Nm from its electric motors, Everrati’s Land Rover Series IIA offers both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive modes and a range of up to 150 miles, almost identical to its combustion-engine past, combined with regenerative braking, AC and DC fast charging capability. The company now offers its Land Rover Series builds both 88” and 109”, and multiple roof configurations.

Justin Lunny, Co-Founder and CEO of Everrati said: «Everrati’s OEM-grade engineering, design, and quality processes continue to raise the bar in the electrified classic sector. Like all our models, the Land Rover Series represents the pinnacle of zero-emission icons. This latest example of our OEM-grade approach underlines how we are going the extra mile in this rapidly growing market. Our redefined Land Rover Series IIA combines a complete restoration with the integration of our proprietary OEM-level electric powertrain, preserving the vehicle’s legacy and enabling it to be enjoyed by generations to come. I can’t wait for us to hand over this first US customer commission to its new owner, who can be sure they are receiving the ultimate in redefined icons.»