ZEN Yachts (acronym of Zero Emission Nautic), the new-born Malta manufacturer of electric boats, has recently announced to have received the first order of the electric ZEN50 catamaran, now under construction in Europe, in Barcelona.
Actually, the electric 12-passenger catamaran, over 15-metre long, joins sailing with the electric propulsion and is recharged by solar energy: it has a roof fully covered by solar panels, with 16 kW power peak. The yacht is equipped with two DC 40 kW motors powered by a 160-kWh lithium battery pack.
The electric motor-sail combination can drive ZEN50, which is totally self-sufficient from the energy point of view, to the maximum speed of 14 knots (26 km/h) and to a cruise speed of 6-10 knots (11-18.5 km/h).
ZEN50 can also be equipped with other zero-emission technologies such as a diving compressor, e-foil, electric jet boards and current water maker.