The necessary technologies for the energy efficiency enhancement are already available and today they have reached the necessary maturity for the change, but companies’ awareness is missing. Precisely for this reason, last March ABB gave birth to the Energy Efficient Movement.
In this context, the president of ABB Motion, Morten Wierod, underlined how motors and drives can fundamentally contribute in the energy efficiency enhancement.
«With over 300 million motors and drives used daily worldwide, the time has come of exploiting at best their environmental and sustainability benefits. – affirmed the President – In terms of omnipresent technology, motors and drives must be on the top of the list. There is not almost any aspect of our daily life that is not touched by them. Variable-speed electric motors and drives really influence our modern lifestyle, even if the vast majority of us do not ponder it daily».
Let us see data: electric motors consume about 45% of the global electricity and in 2020 ABB installed bases or motors and drives saved over 198 terawatts-hour of energy. Within 2023, they estimate that the expansion of this installation will help ABB customers to save further 78 terawatts-hour yearly.
An example of a project where significant savings were achieved was in Queensland, in Australia, where a producer of foods and drinks has achieved the 14% reduction of its energy consumption through the modern technology of the synchronous reluctance motor.