MGM Motori Elettrici laboratory in Serravalle Pistoiese factory has recently obtained the renewal of the accreditation by CSA for both safety-related tests and concerning inverter duty motors and energy efficiency (CSA C390). Although the range of already certified motors, in over 25 years of collaboration with CSA, is very broad, it is often necessary to certify new products according to the customization demanded by customers, or to update certifications after upgrades introduced on existing products.
The approval of MGM Motori Elettrici laboratory allows certifying new motors in shorter times, helping our customers, with a competent technical support, to release on the market reliable products in conformity with the regulations in force.
In addition to the safety aspect, in USA and Canada some regulations regarding motors’ energy efficiency are in force. For the conformity with such regulations, our motors are labelled on the plate with the marking cCSAus “Energy Efficiency” and “Certification Compliance number” released by the US Department of Energy (the CC number released to MGM Motori Elettrici is CC 051A).