Regal Beloit Corporation, specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of high-efficiency electric motors and power transmission products, has recently announced its enhanced Power Transmission Solutions (PTS) Edge tools. Regal’sEdge tools include product selection modules for belt drive, bearing and gearing products and mechanical power components, as well as bearing registration and a belt drive efficiency calculator. These improved Edge tools are easier to use, mobile-friendly and fully integrated to the online product catalogue.
Edge product selection modules assist users in selecting the right power transmission mechanical components based on their specific application requirements. Once they install new bearings products, the bearing registration allows users to not only register their bearings but also manage assets on the Regal PT mobile app. The belt drive efficiency calculator helps users to calculate how much money they can save on energy consumption by using Browning™ belt drives.
«The enhanced Edge tools – said Matthew Clemens, DCX marketing specialist at Regal – allow a mobile friendly, integrated customer experience across The modules have been updated to help point customers to common parts, versus made-to-order parts, so the primary selections are readily available».