The protagonist for over 100 years with intralogistics solutions, STILL has decided to widen its range of products by proposing two specific lines to the market: the new ‘Classic – Line’ and the consolidated ‘Xcellence –Line’. Some of the forklifts already present in the current STILL range are now part of the new C-Line: for instance, the series of RCE 25/35 electric fronts released by the company in April 2023, characterized by notable energy efficiency, low battery consumption, and reduced maintenance.

Moreover, the C-Line includes also ECH pallet trucks with capacities of 1200 and 1500 kg and the possibility of choosing the ECH 15 model with 48V battery and stabilizing wheels. The C-Line range includes also ECV lifts with a loading capacity of 1000 kg, available in different configurations, such as simple and telescopic columns and with initial lift. Still by Still comes an emblematic piece of news that represents a step forward in the modernization and electrification of handling operations for the flight ambit.
They have recently delivered an electric STILL RCE 30 forklift to the flight department of the State Police: equipped with a high-performance AC motor, excellent 360-degree visibility, and the option of automatically regulated speed in a curve, it has been chosen to grant operational efficiency, without polluting.