Stellantis and Qinomic have signed a partnership to develop a solution for the conversion of light commercial vehicles with internal combustion engines into electric propulsion vehicles.
Result of the collaboration between the Business Units of Circular Economy and Commercial Vehicles, the solution for the retrofit aims at extending vehicles’ life and use, granting sustainability and accessibility from the economic point of view.
The project is part of the global strategic Dare Forward 2030 plan that aims at speeding up the course towards the electrification and at strengthening Stellantis decarbonization strategy.
“I am pleased that Stellantis collaborates with Qinomic at the development of this retrofit technology. This innovation offers our professional customers the choice of transforming their vans into electric vehicles, extending their service life and complying with law requisites in the mobility issue” stated Alison Jones, Senior Vice President Stellantis of the Circular Economy Business Unit.
“The retrofit technology will allow Stellantis to strengthen its leadership ranking in the sector of the solutions for the zero-emission mobility for professional customers, joining our range of electric vans” affirmed Xavier Peugeot, Senior Vice President Stellantis, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit.
Eric Laforge, Vice President Stellantis, Enlarged Europe Light Commercial Vehicles has instead affirmed: “In a market driven by the last mile demand, soon the restrictions to the access to cities will compel those who have recently purchased a LCV to search for a solution to convert it into a zero-emission vehicle”.