We had already talked about that, because it is the startup renowned for implementing Lightyear 0, the sedan with photovoltaic panels, recently presented in its definitive version. Today, the Dutch player is a hot topic again, due to the collaboration with the company Elaphe, specialized in zero-emission powertrains, with which it is going to boost its sedan to record efficiency.
The great news? Precisely the implementation of one of the most efficient in-wheel electric motors in the world, precisely so: inside the wheel. According to Lightyear, with this modified Elaphe motor, they have succeeded in reaching 97% efficiency, losing a small percentage of energy under the form of heat.
The motor, which has been placed inside each wheel of Lightyear, is based on modified Elaphe motor. The supplier of materials is Aptera, which has even allowed Elaphe to work in its factories in Slovenia.
The unit is currently facing the test phase that lead to the validation of the project and of the manufacturing method.
Worth reminding that the production of the electric sedan will soon start in Finland and will be ready on the market at the beginning of 2023.