Comau has implemented a high-performance turnkey solution to automate the production of NIO‘s next-generation electric drive systems.
The highly complex project ensures fast and reliable in-line co-production for the electric vehicle manufacturer’s third-generation induction and permanent magnet motors, both of which are an integral part of its proprietary electric drive systems (EDS).
The complete solution includes main lines, such as electric motor assembly lines, gearbox production lines and inverter assembly lines, as well as end-of-line (EOL) testing processes.
It is designed to support a large-scale annual production capacity of 1 million units for use in NIO’s electric sedans, coupes and SUVs, as well as selected models in its ALPS sub-brand.
Comau’s advanced automation solution offers optimal flexibility and scalability, allowing customers to adapt their production environment to the different process parameters required for new products.
To further increase the flexibility of the production line and enable in-line co-production of the two electric drive systems, Comau developed in collaboration with NIO’s e-drive team a new zero-point positioner adapter.
This innovative accessory effectively unifies design, process and control standards, allowing different assembly requirements to be met while maintaining maximum flexibility.