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EV/HEV motors potting with high performance resin systems

The resin is a perfect electrical insulator and it gives properties absolutely incomparable to other insulating methods: enhanced water and dust resistance, chemical resistance, less vibrations, less noise but most of all a perfect heat dissipation and improved thermal shocks resistance.
The resin encapsulation of electrical traction motors will be explored by Demak presenting sophisticated dispensing solutions and innovative Epoxy Resin Systems.

DEMAK WEBINAR | EV/HEV motors potting with high performance resin systems
June 23, 02:00 PM in Rome


Thanks to the experience gained during these last years, many advantages of a full encapsulation compared to other technologies, such as impregnation and trickling, will be presented.

Lego model with 10 electric motors

It is the quickest in the world and it can reach 36.5 Km/h. We are speaking of a Lego model that reproduces GTA Spano, the iconic Spanish hypercar dating back to 2013 produced in just 99 units. The creation comes from BuWizz, company specialized in the creation of electric motors for Lego models: the car was reproduced in scale 1:8 with the most famous bricks in the world and can travel by means of 10 electric motors and various gears, supplying to GTA Spano. However, what about Buwizz? The idea stemmed by playing with 9398 4×4 Crawler model. “Why not controlling it with the smartphone? Therefore, in 2013 the first prototype was born – explained Roni Leben, CEO & founder of BuWizz – We figured out that even though smartphone control is cool, it still does not solve the performance issue – the 9398 and other models were relatively slow and underpowered. We brainstormed about ways to get more performance out of existing Power functions motors and it quickly became apparent we need to have our own power source, more powerful than original batteries. We decided to add a battery and power boost electronics to our smartphone-controlled device. Originally called PowerBrick, the first BuWizz prototype was born».

Bentley is recruiting 100 engineers for its electric race

Group of young people job seekers or applicants sitting on chairs in row with resumes and waiting in line for interview invitation in office of modern company. Office career seekers concept

Bentley Motors’ recruiting campaign is underway for 100 talented engineers in the ambit of its Beyond100 strategy: the brand will release a new electric model every year starting from 2025.
The new engineers will support the implementation of the ambitious Five-in-Five plan, redefining Bentley’s credentials as reference manufacturer in the sustainable luxury mobility.
Therefore, they are searching for engineering professionals trained in the electric ambit because Bentley aims at the complete electrification of its product range within eight years.
Besides the need of electric engineers, next offers will concern the research and development ambit, from UX/UI engineers inside concepts and design, to Design Managers in the development and validation of parts and entire vehicles, to framework engineers who work at the prompt vehicle production.
«Bentley is in the middle of the most significant transformation phase in the company’s long illustrious history. We are searching for real innovators, who can create the new future of automotive, support our product ambitions and shape our Beyond100 vision while we are focusing on the leadership inside the luxury sustainable mobility», stated Matthias Rabe, member of Bentley’s research and development board.
Although roles are located at Bentley’s Crewe headquarters, the company has introduced the hybrid work, a combination of activity inside brand-new forefront engineering offices and smart working.
It is not fortuitous that at the beginning of the current year Top Employers Institute has appointed Bentley as “Top Employer“, only automotive manufacturer headquartered in the United Kingdom for the eleventh consecutive year, underlining Bentley’s approach to wellbeing, to values, to ethics and to employees’ integrity, in addition to Bentley’s attention to sustainability, digitalization and diversity and inclusion.

Ancma data: electric two-wheelers are decreasing

Beautiful young couple in sun glasses and helmets is smiling while riding a scooter

After the excellent year start, the data recently diffused by Confindustria Ancma (National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories) on the February Italian market of bikes, scooters and motorcycles describe an overall +20.9% versus the same 2022-month, but certainly with not enthusiastic news for electric two-wheelers.
In fact, the electric market does not take off during 2023, closing February with 838 units, with a 3.23% downturn versus the same 2022-month. In the first bimonthly, electric drops by 10.82% versus 2022 and makes 1,706 zero-emission vehicles circulate on the road. However, it is necessary to highlight that the first two months of 2022 had scored the 82% rise.
The president of Ancma, Paolo Magri, has highlighted how «the solution of many of residual provisioning problems allows the market to express its potential at best, still confirming our products’ central role as possible enjoyable choice for individual displacements and for the uses more connected with passion, with tourism and sport. For this reason, we think that local administrations’ political agenda must consider, in the debate about the sustainability of transports and cities’ future, the determinant contribution that motorcycles go on offering to the solution of mobility problems». Are incentives in the direction of zero emissions hoped for?

Equipmake, advanced electric propulsion unit for Vertical Aerospace’s prototype eVTOL aircraft

The British Equipmake has provided an advanced electric propulsion unit (EPU) for Vertical Aerospace’s prototype eVTOL aircraft.
Recently completing the first-ever full-scale untethered eVTOL flights in the UK, the VX4 prototype features a totally bespoke EPU from Equipmake, combining a lightweight, power dense electric motor with a high-performance inverter, designed, developed and manufactured by Equipmake at its base in Snetterton, UK.
“Each motor uses Equipmake’s proprietary rotor design, with the magnets forming a Halbach array to maximise torque and minimise mass to deliver, while the inverter is matched to the motor for optimum power density”, the company explained in its press release.
The aircraft has been designed to transport a pilot and four passengers and it is expected to have a maximum autonomy of 100 miles, with the capability of flying at a speed of about 150 miles/hour.
“ Congratulations to Vertical Aerospace on achieving this milestone. Through our advanced, lightweight, power dense electric propulsion unit, which combines both our e-motor and inverter technology, we’re delighted to be supporting the company on its journey and are looking forward to further assisting in accelerating prototype vehicle development”, they are the words by Ian Foley, Equipmake CEO.

Smart electric vehicle: charging network in Amsterdam


Vattenfall and the City of Amsterdam, together with grid owner Liander, the infrastructure competence center Elaad and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, launched Flexpower, the largest public smart charging network for electric vehicles in Amsterdam.
This innovative solution enables faster charging, maximal use of renewable electricity and more efficient use of the electric grid in Holland’s capital.
Operated by Vattenfall, a total of 456 charging stations with 912 charging points – a third of all charging stations for electric cars in the city – have been upgraded and connected in the Flexpower smart charging network.
«Flexpower Amsterdam is a smart network of charging stations that enables faster charging of electric cars when the sun is shining, primarily using locally generated renewable electricity from households in the neighbourhood. This lowers the need for investments in the electric grid and thus makes the solution a role model for many large cities in Europe» – says Tomas Björnsson, Head of e-mobility at Vattenfall.
Flexpower has been developed to make optimal use of the available grid capacity, by tailoring charging speeds to the electricity consumption and renewable energy production. The charging stations provide slightly less electricity during the hours that households demand a lot of energy, typically between 18.00 to 21.00 hours, and catch up by charging more at night when energy consumption is low or during the day when a lot of local solar power is being produced.
As most electric cars are charged outside peak hours, electric car drivers will benefit from quicker charging.

Manufacturing, towards a real recovery

Credit Nick Youngson

The Italian and European mechanics urgently needs to sparkle, exploiting at best the paradigms of the new post Covid-19 normality. Senaf has organized an interesting webinar on the subject, highlighting the impellent need of creating sound business networks, especially for SME.

A positive sign coming from Senaf – which on June 10th 2020 organized an event to discuss and to compare future ideas and projects in the current context and for future scenarios – is undoubtedly the confirmation of MECSPE exhibition, scheduled in Parma from 29th to 31th October 2020. The President of Tecniche Nuove Group, Ivo Nardella, informed with enthusiasm and confidence that the exhibition will maintain its numbers foreseen at the origin, with 1,700 companies that will be on stage complying with the rules prescribed by the Superior Health Institute.

Clockwise from top left: Ivo Nardella, Alberto Dal Poz, Paolo Rolandi, Alessandro Garnero, Luca Manuelli, Roberto Zani
Clockwise from top left: Ivo Nardella, Alberto Dal Poz, Paolo Rolandi, Alessandro Garnero, Luca Manuelli, Roberto Zani

In the Digital Talk “Made in Italy Manufacturing: Ideas and projects for the sector upswing” the witness by the representatives of important trade associations that mainly represent the SME world, such as Alberto Dal Poz – President Federmeccanica, Roberto Zani – President CNA Production and Paolo Rolandi – National President of Confartigianato Mechanical Federation, was heartfelt in communicating how much indispensable is an incisive intervention in the bureaucratic and financial ambit by political decision makers.
It is instead desirable that on their turn companies build business networks permitting to create a stronger and sounder manufacturing chain, with more trump cards in Italian and international ambit.
The speech by Luca Manuelli, President CFI – Smart Factory Cluster, underlined instead how the digital transformation plays a crucial role in the recovery of “a new normality”, where education and new competences are key elements of a development towards a resilient interconnected and integrated factory, able to satisfy the more and more important smart working requirements.
Chaired by Alessandro Garnero – editorial director, Manufacturing Division of Tecniche Nuove Group, the Digital Talk “Made in Italy manufacturing: Ideas and projects for the sector upswing”, was the first date of a new cycle of Mecspe virtual meetings dedicated to the manufacturing 4.0 world.

Chinese e-bus wins 2021 Red Dot Award

The Yutong Xiaoyu 2.0 has been awarded the design prize 2021 Red Dot Award. Developed by the Chinese group, the 5.5-meter shuttle bus stands out for being the world’s first autonomous bus recognized by world-class industrial design award, as well as the only bus brand in China winning Red Dot Award.
Xiaoyu 2.0 is an autonomous public transport solution that inspires trust in passengers. In 2020, Yutong sales volume of large and medium-sized buses reached 41,756 units, among them 16,461 units are new energy buses. The bus producer reached sizable sales volume in over 30 countries and regions such as France, UK, Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Norway with a market share of over 35% in China and over 13% in the world.
In late November 2020 the producer secured the widest order so far for battery electric buses in the world: 741 e-buses are set to be running in Qatar by 2022 in view of the FIFA World Cup Qatar. They will be deployed by Mowasalat, which ordered in total 1,002 vehicles from Yutong.
The design of the bus has been inspired by spacecraft, precisely by space capsule. The symmetrical design from the front and back has the goal of promoting strong visual identification. Engineering and aesthetic factors are smartly reconciled by excessive size porthole and the mapping of laser radar and lens.

High efficiency for the logistics world

Geodis transport and logistic company has won the Logistic Award of 2021-year for the implementation of an innovative sorter system that recovers energy, powering strategic electric motors. The project concerns an automatic sorter system, implemented for a giant in the e-commerce, with which the player has collaborated for several years now.
The innovative aspect of such sorting system consists in the use of a linear alternator that recovers energy. The induced magnetic energy generated in the pick-up, in fact, is successively processed and transmitted in wireless modality to power the electric motors of the belts on moving conveyors. Unlike alternators, the sorter exploits the linear translatory motion and avoids the cable current dispersion, since it transmits it in wireless modality. Therefore, it is a solution that guarantees efficiency in the parcel sorting phase and, furthermore, it permits a decrease of electric consumptions, in test environment a reduction up to 70% of current was reached and, consequently, of CO2 emissions.
The witness by Fabrizio Airoldi, Country Manager of GEODIS in Italy: «This project confirms the will of studying innovative solutions that can increase the efficiency of the whole process, with lower energy consumptions and improving the use of skilful human resources operating in the various warehouses, entrusting them with higher added-value activities».

Zoppas Industries launches 100 new scholarships

Zoppas Industries wanted to give a positive signal with an initiative open to the new generation throughout Italy, in a time where the difficulties of young people in entering the world of work.
The company’s proposal, with the support of Habacus and a series of ITS, aims to grow talents throughout the country and to seek professional profiles that have the right skills.
The company has decided to make available 100 scholarships of 500 euros each for students enrolled in ITS participating in the initiative.
Scholarship-winning students will have the opportunity to get to know a global reality and will have the opportunity, during their training, to participate in activities, aimed at making Zoppas Industries’ corporate values known and understood.
At the end of their studies, the company will reserve the opportunity to hire the most deserving, interesting profiles, that are interested in working in a stimulating, innovative, international context. The founder of the company, the CEO of the Zoppas Industries Group Gianfranco Zoppas, declared: «The future belongs to all of us, but above all to the new generations. But not only that: we know that their talent and energy will be the real engine of the innovations, essential to guarantee that future. We must therefore do more and more to invest in their abilities. This is why I am very happy to announce this initiative».