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Investment for building a manned multicopter

Source: The Lead South Australia
Source: The Lead South Australia

A South Australian company Alauda that is building a manned multicopter to compete in its flying electric car racing series has been funding from leading technology venture capital firms Saltwater Capital and Jelix Ventures. Leading FX and money management firm Equals and German logistics company DHL have also both backed Alauda with support and funds.
Alauda will use the investment to ramp up design and manufacture of its vehicle, which it aims to test with a pilot aboard before the end of the year.
Alauda also owns Airspeeder, the racing league that plans to host a flying car series at various global locations from as early as next year.
Alauda formed in 2015 and also has an office in London in close proximity to international motorsport bodies and global brands.

Power electronics: Renault strategic partnership

Power electronics systems of electric and hybrid vehicles will reduce power losses and will improve efficiency, with the consequent great impact on electric vehicles’ autonomy and recharge. The following step? Decrease of batteries’ cost, increase in mileages per recharge and less time of recharge and cost for users.
In their new strategic synergy, Renault Groups– which intend to reach 100% of vehicles by 2030 – and STMicroelectronics will collaborate in the development of efficient, customized and modular components, starting from the understanding of Renault Group’s technical requirements concerning silicon carbide (SiC) devices, gallium nitride (GaN) transistors, with relative packages and modules.
«We are pleased – stated Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group – to collaborate with the market leader STMicroelectronics to integrate its advanced power electronics and to develop jointly technologies that can improve the energy capacity of our electric and hybrid vehicles’ batteries and their performance, both on the road and in recharge phase. This partnership assures the future provisioning of key components that will share in the significant 45% reduction of energy losses and in decreasing the cost of the electric powertrain by 30%. This technological collaboration will support us in implementing our ambitious target of democratizing electric vehicles making them, at the same time, affordable and profitable».
The witness of STMicroelectronics, in the person of its President and General Director, Jean-Marc Chéry, is as enthusiastic: «ST is in the forefront in the development of advanced power semiconductors that allow the mobility industry to shift to electrified platforms. Thanks to more energy-efficient products and solutions, based on forefront materials such as the silicon carbide and gallium nitride, we will support Renault strategy dedicated to the next generation of electric and hybrid platforms».

UL certification of insulation systems: inaugurated FAET Italian laboratory

Last October 3rd, in the prestigious venue of Golf Club at Tolcinasco (Milan), was held the first workshop signed by FAET, a meeting aimed at establishing a connection among the OEM world companies interested in the UL certification of the components for insulation systems equipping electric motors.

Mark Raymond, principal Engineer-Ul, illustrated the highlights of the specific Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing

Spotlights were cast on the new FAET laboratory, on Third Party Test Data Program and on all related advantages for sector players, an ambit that is calling for higher and higher performances. As DuPont perfectly knows, company that during the meeting reported various case histories (by Roger C. Wicks, Global Technical Marketing Manager), as well as UL that, through the speech by the American Mark Raymond, one of the major experts in insulation systems in the world, illustrated the highlights of the specific Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing.

Roger C. Wicks, Global Technical Marketing Manager- DuPont

Since today, in the up-to-date structure at Rozzano (Mi), FAET can in fact test whether the mix of the various components inside the insulation system is appropriate and then it can achieve the UL certification.

Silvio Cattinzoli, Quality System & Technical Manager of FAET

The details of the accomplishment of this important partnership were finally explained by Silvio Cattinzoli, Quality System & Technical Manager of FAET, who underlined how it is strategic to supply, in the whole Mediterranean basin, an added-value service to customers that so benefit from not being compelled to directly interfacing with UL.

Gabriele Guidi, Ceo and owner of FAET


«We are speeding up an important phase for FAET and UL, in the name of insulation systems’ safety. We hope this workshop is the first of a long series because companies increasingly need information, dialogue and aggregation» – the Ceo and owner of FAET, Gabriele Guidi, stated at the event start.

Ivo A. Nardella is the new president of ANES

The General Assembly of ANES members– National Association of Specialized Publishing has chosen its new President for the 2020-2023 triennium: he is Ivo Alfonso Nardella, Sole Director of Gruppo Editoriale Tecniche Nuove. Former Vice-President of ANES since 2013, Member of the Board of Directors since 2008 and Director since 2009, he has been member of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Graphics Union in Milan since 2020, too.

Ivo A. Nardella in the top management of ANES

During his installation speech, Ivo Nardella, who first thanked the outgoing President, Andrea Boni, for the excellent work carried out, affirmed he was honoured by the trust and appreciation expressed by Members and aware of taking over the management of the Association in an extremely complicated time for the publishing field and the entire Country system.

2020-2023 programme

“Going through the amber light – stated Nardellais the ambitious achievement where I would like to drive the field in the course of my mandate: we have to be able to change in a difficult time, to support the Country by making all professional chains increasingly updated and trained to be able to face the recovery and to maintain the leaderships acquired on an international scale. We will operate with institutions to consolidate the fundamental role played by ANES associated companies in the culture-productivity relationship”.
The neo-president then presented his wide work programme for the 2020-2023 triennium, developed according to three fundamental values: representing all, training to inform, evolving to change, supported by a direct involvement of Members, also through the strengthening of the presence in Territories, and by the enhancement of people before personas.
Utmost attention will be still paid to the Association’s assets, from consulting to members, from training to Digital and CSST sections and work contracts, as well as to new valuable initiatives like B2B Marketing Conference, set up in 2019 as starting and evolutionary point for the challenges of B2B communication, which is generating an excellent ranking of ANES and of its associated companies towards the target of B2B marketers.

The other turnovers

Ivo Nardella, in the management of ANES, will collaborate with the Vice- Presidents Alessio Crisantemi from GN Media and Carlo Latorre from Cronoart, as well as with the President of the ANES Digital Section who will be elected by the Association’s digital component during next weeks.

Will the electric car to be assembled “do-it-yourself”, become reality?

The two Ikea and Renault brands were involved in the degree thesis of the young designer Ryan Schlotthauser, who has matched the highlights of the two brands to implement the design of a cheap and sustainable electric car that can be mounted.
The vehicle is called Höga and it is conceived for the saving of those who want an electric car, precisely as in case of furniture: they cost less if they are mounted “do-it-yourself”.
The two-seater car is 1.8 metre high and 2.3 long, with four-wheel drive, for a cost of about 5,000 Euros.
«I wanted to implement something that could be user-friendly and cheap also for those who cannot afford a new expensive car, with an even cheaper solution than a second-hand car. Ikea and Renault are companies that aim at creating sustainable solutions for the mass market» – the designer Schlotthauser commented.
The idea is good and has all papers in order so that the two brands can actually shake their hands. We will see …

New calendar update for MECSPE 2020 edition

Senaf is constantly monitoring the evolution of the epidemiological situation and is forced to reschedule Mecspe that will be held from 29 to 31 October at Parma Fairground.
The new shift of dates gives the opportunity to guarantee the usual and regular running of the event, maintaining the consolidated position of leading fair of the manufacturing industry.
The program of special initiatives, the conformation of the exhibition halls, the existing contract and the assignments already made will not be changed.
MECSPE 2020 will be held at Parma Fairground from 29 to 31 October 2020.
For any further information writing at the following email address:

The IoTwins project, here the prize won by Bonfiglioli

Experimenting Big Data technologies and super-calculation for enterprise, creating models that can simulate, through Digital Twins, manufacturing or management processes of infrastructures, permitting preventive maintenance, process optimization and production increase. That is the target of the IoTwins Project, funded in the ambit of Horizon 2020 (European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation) and shared by 23 partners coming from 8 European Countries.
It is a synergistic action that has involved, besides the head company Bonfiglioli (top player that on a world scale designs, manufactures and distributes a complete range of gearmotors, electric motors, planetary gearmotors and inverters), also the University of Bologna, which is guiding the scientific coordination, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Cineca, which stand out for their role in calculation infrastructures, Emilia-Romagna Region with Art-ER (the regional company that supports innovation, attractiveness and internationalization of the territorial system, for the development and the diffusion of the project’s results on a regional, national and European scale).
“The Innovation 4.0 Award” has acknowledged the competence of Bonfiglioli due to its IoTwins project, started in 2019, which has faced crucial themes like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things applied to manufacturing and infrastructures.
The Industrial Scientific Committee of A&T has chosen eight finalists among the 51 selected admitted projects.
The two winner companies, in an excellent level ex aequo, were Bonfiglioli Riduttori and Italian Rollwasch. On an equal footing, then, the IoTwins project by Bonfiglioli, with Big Data that become a modelling and forecast tool accessible to SME, too, and VibroBLAST, a patent for a revolutionary vibro-blasting technology.
In the picture: Fausto Carboni, CEO Business Bonfiglioli

Greetings from Electric Motor Engineering

Electric Wishes

FCA and city of Turin to trial automatic switch to electric mode for hybrid cars

On June 3, FCA informed that a collaboration agreement was signed between the Department of Transport, Infrastructure and Mobility of the City of Turin and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to test a system that allow its hybrid plug-in cars to automatically switch to electric-only mode when entering congested city centres.
The project is named “Turin Geofencing Lab” and involves the city authorities and public transport agency GTT (the Operator of public transport companies in Turin), 5T (a city-owned company that manages the ZTL access authorizations) and Centro Ricerche Fiat (the brand’s development center for drive trains, vehicle systems, materials and innovative processes to improve the competitiveness of vehicle models).
The system is based on a prototype system with fully integrated on-board sensors allowing a hybrid vehicle to recognise when it is entering a restricted traffic zone (Zona a Traffico Limitato, ZTL) in the inner city of Turin.
The on-board electronics will then automatically turn off the internal combustion engine and switch to electric mode.
This would allow hybrid cars to enjoy dispensations for electric vehicles in the city centre (the ZTL area), including dedicated parking spaces.
The system has been initially tested on the new Jeep Renegade 4xe hybrid plug-in model. The tests could be extended to the group’s other hybrid models from next year.
The COVID-19 crisis has not significantly delayed FCA’s plans to launch its first full-electric and hybrid models. An electric version of the Fiat 500 small car and plug-in hybrid versions of Jeep’s Renegade and Compass models are due to hit the market this summer.
Roberto Di Stefano, FCA’s Head of EMEA e-Mobility, said: “The Turin Geofencing Lab project represents a great collaboration between the city of Turin, which has to set strict environmental protection rules, and a company like FCA, which must find innovative, affordable solutions for drivers to help improve air quality in our cities. Once this unique pilot project with the city of Turin is completed, we will offer the same technology to other local governments in Italy and abroad.”

More comfortable yachts with electric fins

Adding a new category of fin stabilizers to its marine equipment range, SKF promises a quieter, more comfortable onboard experience, along with cost-saving and environmental advantages. Spotlights are cast on the powerful, compact non-retractable SKF EFZ type fin stabilizers, designed for luxury yachts measuring 55 metres or longer. They feature a high-torque electric motor that meets the highly dynamic demands of stabilization, whether the vessel is at anchor (zero speed) or under way.
Christopher Schnäckel, Director Fin Stabilizer and Steering Gear, SKF, summarises the significance of this development. “While most fin stabilizers are operated electro-hydraulically, especially on larger yachts, the EFZ system has no hydraulic unit. As a result, its operation is virtually silent. It is also more compact, easier to install and has lower ongoing maintenance and related costs. ”The system takes up less space and has great flexibility for use with the onboard direct or alternating current electrics. Energy consumption is lower, as there are no wasteful conversions between electrical, hydraulic and mechanical devices, which is beneficial both economically and environmentally. The key components of an SKF EFZ fin stabilizer package are its motor, gear unit, fin shaft and mounting unit, together with the fin itself, in sizes ranging up to 12 square metres. The 360-degree constant high torque electrical actuator offers unlimited working angles. Other features include a high-precision SKF bearing system and a VGP (Vessel General Permit) compliant sealing system, which guards against pollution.