It is electric the motor that has shared in the building of Morgan Stanley’s Chelsea Flower Show Garden, designed by Chris Beardshaw, park situated at the core of London, winner of the Best Show Garden. ECR25 Electric vehicle by Volvo CE, electric compact excavator, shared in fact in the construction of this futuristic experiment of urban gardening, able to host about 157,000 visitors.
The machine was used to excavate the ground and to position the foundations for the main structure and the trench for tree pits and to house the central fountain. The recharge was carried out at the end of each working day, at night, using a standard domestic outlet. When fast recharges during the day were asked, the operator used the recharger on board.
«Zero emissions and the lower noise level are an absolute turning point – affirms Ahcène Nedjimi, Electromobility Specialist by Volvo CE. – Now the challenge is understanding the best way to optimize them at best for each application. The question is no longer when, or if, the shift to electromobility will occur but how quickly it will happen. We are really at the point of no return. We must reduce emissions, pollute less and build the world where we want to live».