Long time ago Bonfiglioli Spa had shown its interest in Sampingranaggi, due to the total synergy of the latter’s known-how with the Group’s design and manufacturing strategies.
Everything resulted in the recent takeover that includes the assets of the Italian and Chinese companies of Sampingranaggi, (Bentivoglio –BO, Funo di Argelato-BO and Shanghai-China), the respective warehouses, Sampingranaggi brand, patents, designs and products for robotics, as well as the total staff employment.
«Beyond the “affective” reunion and the total complementarity between Sampingranaggi and Bonfiglioli products, my first reflection is dedicated to the women and men of this reality, who today become an important branch of Bonfiglioli. Many times – the President Sonia Bonfiglioli added- we might have bought the plants to produce bevel gears (gears are the heart of reduction gears), but machines, without the human hand, are still atoms. Their competences, knowledge and expertise are the great heritage of Sampingranaggi that from now onwards are part of the large Bonfiglioli family».
The words by Fausto Carboni, CEO of the Group, are as enthusiastic: «SAMP represents a great opportunity for Bonfiglioli under several aspects. From the industrial point of view, it offers us the possibility of integrating some productions of strategic components, like bevel gears, while in terms of business development it allows us to enter the market of transmissions for robotics, which provides broad growth chances for the future, both in Italy and in China, through their local company that is part of the takeover».