Ola, one of the leader mobility companies in the world, has selected ABB as one of its key partners for robotics and automation solutions for its mega-factory in India, which will release its so longed- for electric scooter.
The structure, expected to be ready and operational next months, is likely to be the largest factory of scooters in the world. In the main process lines, ABB automation solutions and ABB robots will be used, exploited also for the assembling lines of batteries and motors.
They will be digitally integrated into the factory enabled by the artificial intelligence, to optimize performances, the productivity and the quality of robot product.
The exploitation of ABB robots and automation solutions will assure the remote digital connectivity and the monitoring of robots that will use the artificial intelligence motor and the technological stack owned by Ola.
With an initial yearly capacity of 2 million units, the mega factory of Ola will create 10,000 workplaces and will act as global production hub of the company for both India and for the international markets in Europe, United Kingdom, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. It is foreseen the mega-factory will be the most automated in the Country, with about 5,000 robots and autonomous-guided vehicles in use once the factory will be completely operational at its full capacity.