On the occasion of Milano Digital Week, event that every year represents a precious opportunity to dialogue on the various issues aroused and supported by digital, Mecspe and Electric Motor Engineering review have organized the webinar Electric mobility, from research to charge column, the feasible course.

Spotlights are cast on the current state-of-the-art of electric mobility in Italy, without neglecting the comparison with the European situation. The event was chaired by Alessandro Garnero, Editorial director of Tecniche Nuove and moderated by Marco Villani, Professor of Electric Machines Design and Electric Systems for Mobility at University of L’Aquila.
One of the speeches concerned Elmo reality, National Interuniversity Consortium on the Electrification of Mobility, which involves the participation of research groups belonging to 15 Universities. The president Ciro Attaianese spoke of an irreversible revolution, which by 20 years will witness electric energy as primary fuelling source for cars «12 kw/h is the average daily consumption of a family, we can guess how the sustainable mobility is concretely feasible».
Bikeconomy Observatory, chaired by Gianluca Santilli, showed instead how the world is not going “towards the car”, but towards the multi-mobility, which includes an efficacious electric use that involves different means. Interesting also the concept of the “15 minutes” to reach all essential services, direction that Milan is gradually pursuing.

“Electric mobility, from research to charge column, the feasible course”
Workshop in live streaming, Friday 19th 2021 at Milano Digital Week

The floor to companies was given through Stefano Sordelli, Future Mobility Manager of Volkswagen Group Italia «The electric car for all is our business strategy. Prices are becoming aligned and all Groups are offering them: today, unlike the past, those who are going to shift to electric do not find hindrances but solutions for all requirements. Important also the approach to develop platforms dedicated to electric mobility». Other participating companies were Bosch, in the person of the Director customer Electrification Federico Brivio, who highlighted the importance of components for the efficiency of an electric vehicle, and Enel X Italia with Luigi Antonio Poggi, E-Mobility Ecosystem Development Manager.
Infrastructures were vertically treated by Eugenio Bizzocchi, Director Automotive Technologies Schaeffler Italia and Marco Carminati – Global Direct Current & Arc Flash Mitigation Applications Specialist of ABB Group.
Lively interest aroused the speech by Giuseppe Fabri, Researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Information and Economics of University of L’Aquila, who dealt with the problem of the lack of provisioning of rare earths, necessary for permanent magnet synchronous motors, and therefore with the need of designing further technologies.