ABB has improved its range of High Dynamic Performance (HDP) induction motors, creating new opportunities for machine builders looking for motor and drive solutions with excellent dynamic response and high power density. Typical applications for these motors include plastic and rubber extrusion, injection moulding, winding systems, elevators, conveyors, test benches and machine tools. The improved range allows output powers of up to 2 MW and alternative versions such as high-speed and water-cooled motors. The motors are designed for use with a frequency converter, and ABB can provide the matching motor-drive package for the full range of frame sizes.
The high power density offers advantages for both retrofit and new-build machines, and thanks to their low inertia and high overload capacity, the HDP motors enable fast motion control and high manoeuvring accuracy. “For ABB, ease of installation is a priority and is an integral element of the HDP motor concept. Consequently, a replacement HDP motor is easy to install in a machine already in use without excessive engineering work,” the company explains.