Renault Group and Valeo have joined their competences to create a new generation of electric motors. Each of them has contributed with its own central piece (the rotor for Renault Group and the stator for Valeo) and their competence in technological development and manufacturing.
The new E7A electric motor will produce up to 200 kW: more power without the need of using more electric energy.
The volume-manufacturing of this motor will start at the end of 2027 in Cléon factory of Renault Group.
Their collaboration dates back more than one year ago and, according to the first details, the E7A motor by Renault and Valeo is 30% smaller – with the same power – in comparison with the present motors that equip the electric Megane E-Tech and the electric Scenic E-Tech.Besides, the carbon footprint is 30% lower.
Using a wound rotor instead of permanent magnets, Renault improves the motor efficiency, assures its provisioning chain and avoids depending on the Countries that produce rare earths and magnets. Moreover, the E7A motor without rare earths will also contribute in shortening batteries’ charge times, because the system will be at 800 Volts, besides the stator signed by Valeo will increase power and efficiency. In its high-end version, the range will in fact reach 20 kw (272 HP), without excessively weighing on autonomy.