The German manufacturer Mahle has recently presented an innovation in electrification ambit: a technological kit for electric motors that combines the advantages of its SCT and MCT electric motors. The MCT electric motor is the Magnet-free Contactless Transmitter and the electric resistance-champion SCT motor is the Superior Continuous Torque, which operates contactless and without rare earths.
The elimination of rare earths in MCT technology makes manufacturing more eco-friendly and implies also advantages in terms of costs and safety of raw materials. The MCT electric motor is characterized by long duration and the absence of maintenance because the necessary transmission of electric current among rotating and fixed parts inside the motor occurs contactless and then is wear-free.
The MCT electric motor features a high efficiency in a broad speed/torque range. The SCT electric motor is instead designed to reach the best efficiency in the main optimized operational points. Another highlight of the SCT electric motor is its high constant power. Despite the very compact and light structure, this corresponds to the 93-100% of the peak power, as the measuring results show. This unprecedented high ratio allows its use in electric vehicles of all kinds, even under very challenging conditions.