Sealence Spa SB is the startup that has invented the first fully electric jet for naval propulsion, DeepSpeed. The last funding round, completed last December 15th, ended with 7.556.386,25 due to 175 investors, through equity instruments and debit grants. Resources are mainly intended for the support of experimental research and industrial development activities and it is just another growth step. «The total fundraising since the start of the industrial plan activities overall reaches about 16.5 million Euros, whereas the investments made in industrial research and experimental development activities reach about 9 million Euros».
The target is to be sought in the super-deepspeed motor at the service of more efficient and performing electric boating. To date, the fleet of boats that test electric Sealence motors consists of four boats from 6 to 15 meters. Moreover, it seems that Sealance is designing the building of a gigafactory of batteries.