Through its venture capital fund, Stellantis has become a strategic investor in Tiamat, a French spin-off of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Cnrs), which develops and markets the technology of sodium-ion batteries. It is a pioneer in the marketing of sodium-ion technology in an electrified product.
“This technology offers a lower kilowatt/hour cost and it is lithium- and cobalt-free. The large availability of sodium offers several advantages in terms of higher sustainability and strategic independence. The sodium-ion technology promises more convenient energy storage than the current technology of lithium-ion batteries, today largely used”, Stellantis explained.
The next step will be the use by Tiamat of the proceeds of the fund-raising plan, of which also Stellantis Ventures is part, to implement a plant of sodium-ion batteries in France. Stellantis explains that in the early phases, the batteries will be intended for electric equipment and stationary storage applications, whereas in the future the production will be increased with specific second-generation products for BEV vehicles.