The latest technological news by WAEWilliams Advanced Engineering -concern two innovations. The first is inherent to the launch of Elysia: Pioneering Battery Intelligence to unlock the potential of all electric vehicles. Elysia brings on the mass market revolutionary information, the management and the optimization of batteries, from the automotive, commercial vehicle and electric mobility sectors to the stationary energy storage and more, freeing the potential of the battery component. Elysia offers integrated products based on forefront clouds that together supply customers, including automotive OEMs, fleet operators and battery asset financiers, with the access to information about batteries and the capability of managing, optimizing and improving the performances during the battery’s whole lifecycle, in both the vehicle and in “second life” applications such as the stationary network storage. Another novelty by WAE is the latest iteration of WAE EV platforms, EVR is focused on the growing electric hypercar sector, with a lightweight composite structure that mounts the high-performance battery system in the middle of the vehicle, optimising centre of gravity.
EVR can support a range of electric hypercar configurations, from track-only vehicles where power-to-weight is maximised to roadgoing models, both open-roof Targa and fixed-roof GT architectures. This is made possible by the architecture’s central tub which has been designed from day one to allow for such flexibility, including open roof design, while still featuring the very latest performance technology such as active aerodynamics.