They are clearly focusing on electrification in the two-wheel sector, too. Vitesco Technologies has recently presented a broad array of innovations, from purely electric drive systems for light motorbikes and scooters, to the demo version of a hybrid motorbike and other electrification solutions. The 48-volt system is designed for a power range from 3 to 7 kW and then it constitutes the electrified equivalent of small two-wheel motor vehicles in the class up to 150 cc of displacement.
The company presupposes that hybrid solutions will play an important role in a transition phase for bigger bikes, since it will not be possible to reach the future limits of CO2 only by means of solutions adopted for the combustion engine. Vitesco prototype is equipped with a 48-volt standard belt-driven starter generator coming from the automotive industry, where, already since 2016, the company has used the hybrid 48-volt drive. The starter generator also allows travelling on short distances in purely electric modality, especially in the city traffic and in zero-emission areas.