The gearbox absence is a characteristic of the vast majority of electric cars, which rely on a system of direct transmission and reducer, turning to the torque of the electric motor.
This is not the opinion of Bosch, believing that with the gearbox EV A vehicles can improve the car performances, especially if a CVT transmission system is at stake.
It is a technology that continuously varies the ratio while driving to achieve the best motor performance in relation to power and torque.
The new transmission is under Bosch experimentation on board of a Volkswagen e-Golf: a slightly modified version of the standard CVT, called CVT4EV.
It seems there is an improvement of the car acceleration and speed and, besides, the transmission enables motors to be less powerful than those used currently; consequently, also battery packs can be reduced, so decreasing weights in favour of the general efficiency.
“CVT4EV – explained Gert-Jan van Spijk, head of CVT programme by Bosch Transmission Technology – widens the array of electric cars».