The big player TDK is introducing high-speed TMR front-end IC for demanding EV motor control applications and it is expanding its TMR sensor portfolio with the new Micronas ASA 2310, signal processing IC for high-speed electric motor applications in automotive and industrial environments.
The new TMR analog front-end ASA 2310 offers signal conditioning optimized for TMR-bridge angle sensors including enhanced applicative compensation features and safety supervision.
The sensors, powered and monitored by the ASA 2310, are detecting magnetic-field direction in x-y plane, and providing a SIN/COS analog voltage output which is used as input for the ASA 2310. The sensor interface and signal conditioning of the ASA 2310 are optimized for the TMR-Bridge signals.
New rotor position sensing solutions based on the ASA 2310 offer a high resolution and accurate position measurement at very high rotation speeds of up to 650,000 rpm. This enables high-speed motors to maximize torque and increase efficiency which is essential for hybrid and electric vehicles to obtain maximum range. In addition, the sensor system configuration works independently of the motor pole pair number and therefore does not require complex hardware changes, a major advantage over inductive resolver technologies. This gives more flexibility in the development of the hybrid and electric powertrains of the future.
“The ASA 2310 is a high-performance IC that extends the functionalities of a very precise analog TMR sensor and reduces the influence of noise and parasitic components caused by remote application setups where the sensor module is separate from the ECU and connected by a long wire-harness,” says Frederik Berstecher, Product Marketing Manager for „Fast Hall & TMR“ at TDK-Micronas.
Samples of the device are available now. Start of production is planned for the end of 2023.