It is called HPM-400 the new ultra-light electric motor by Equipmake. Owing to the original intention of using it as rocket fuel pump, it features different innovations in comparison with conventional motors/inverters, making it ideal for the use in space, aerospace and marine high-performance applications. With a maximum motor speed of 20,000 rpm, peak power/torque of 400 kW/250 Nm, but a mass of just 30 kg only for the motor, the HPM-400 id deemed to rank among those featuring the highest power density in the world. In combination with its silicon carbide integrated inverter, which weighs only 10 kg, the whole system weighs only 40 kg.
HPM-400 maintains the air pressure inside and it has been completely redesigned mechanically to withstand the pressure from the interior when it goes from the atmosphere to the void. This has resulted in a super-compact cylinder package with a carbon fibre shell to keep pressure and weight low. Everything is added to an advanced high-power and low-weight motor/inverter that is at its ease in the space, in air or in water.
Ian Foley, CEO of Equipmake, declared: «The complete package is ultra-light and able to withstand unbelievable accelerations and the inverter that must operate in the void, must be at high voltage, because a lot of power is really requested».